ko au ko te whenua, ko te whenua to tatou orangatonutanga
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Earthly Treesures


west coast

NZ made

native wood

ko au ko te awa, 
ko te awa ko āhau

ko au ko te whenua,
ko te whenua to tatou orangatonutanga

concept to completion
curated start to finish
to stand solid in the test of time 

natives sourced through local west coast suppliers  
holistic peace within refines the environment
in turn guards the balance  


as nature depends on us to respect its purest form
we depend on nature to provide our essentials
the hearts of our forests

each wooden piece curated by a fine craftsman
gifted with amazing hands ' solid as fuck
& cares about minimal impact of our ecosystems
his quality of work .. on
his eye for detail .. mean prestine
his muscles that made it .. straight maassive ;)

Wild Kawakawa
nature has everything we need


made with: organic infused oils of kawakawa & hemp leaf, organic beeswax, essential oils

~ anti-inflammatory
~ antimicrobial 
~ antiseptic 

helped treat
psoriasis / eczema / arthritis / skin cancer

minimalist balm ~ animal & baby friendly

kawakawa leaf infusion oil ~ infused organic coconut, extra virgin olive ~ holds the best potency for plant extracts
lavender essential oil, organic beeswax

stronger balms of select oils infused with cbd help relieve body aches ' joints' deep tissue
*frankincense / eucalyptus / peppermint* 
antimicrobial against all different strains 

Kawakawa infused soap

Made with : organic kawakawa infused oil, lye, coconut olive base , mica , fragrance oil
 black brazilian clay, coffee, poppy seed, cacao powder, 

  soy candle 

a blend of natural soy ' beeswax
natural cotton wick  
made in small batches inspired by nature ' seascape

 repurposed ~ re-cyclable

the beautiful qualities soy offers
~ vegan
~ raw
~ clean

GMO material
toxic additives
~ harmful byproducts derived from petrochemicals
~ ecological damage oil companies cause
~ pollution

slow fashion design

every design is one off
a story thread that flows through the whole collection
theres something about creating a bespoke piece & seeing it brung together


able to take that all in
a deep appreciation for the whole journey in its entirety 

custom orders are very welcome