ko au ko te whenua, ko te whenua to tatou orangatonutanga
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Earthly Treesures

Giftbox for Her

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giftset for Her

~mind body soul~

every woman deserves happiness

women aka powerhouses
never stops caring for everyone & everything
as much as we want invincibility we're only human

we see you

working your a$$ off
getting pulled from every angle
people dependent on you
catering to everyone
your list to dos SO long

we see you

this to say it's okay to go at your own pace ~ even just 1 hour of the week YOUR time ~ run a bath & have that moment to yourself listen to your jams & put those feet up

here's just to say we appreciate you so much

this giftset includes

~ delicate leaf earrings each are one of a kind made in Raglan
crafted by gently preserving the intricate veins encased in silver

~ kawakawa cbd peppermint balm
beautifully pure & natural with highly effective healing properties & relief for all types

~ ylang ylang candle in mosaic
a dreamy spiced floral with honey & jasmine

~ pine & poppy soap
organic gentle & does the job
with kawakawa infusions & wild pine

its been said & we'll say it again

self cares the best care

this gift is for Her