ko au ko te whenua, ko te whenua to tatou orangatonutanga
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Earthly Treesures

kawakawa lavender Balm

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Aotearoa's most medicinal plants harnessed over centuries as rongōa for our people

kawakawa healing properties known for calming skin in every way making it useful for basically anything

pure kawakawa leaves are also used in tea for internal health such as digestion & tooth aches for their strong healing abilities
~ tea with a dose of honey & ginger makes a beautiful cup & has you feeling better in no time

for infusion purposes the best traditional method has leaves dried of moisture before beginning blends of leaf & oils

slowly infused over low heat in organic plant oils with absorbent properties for optimum extractions

~ anti-microbial
~ anti-inflammatory
~ antioxidant

~organic kawakawa infused oil, organic beeswax, organic lavender oil~

Can assist with ~ irritation / wounds / eczema / nappy rash / burns / bites / dermatitis / itchy skin / minor cuts / sunburn / relief of inflammation

on open wounds ensure clean fingers or cotton bud

baby friendly & suitable for all skin types

20ml in photo*